The idea behind STRUO started after endless visits to furniture stores and without having any luck in finding the perfect, unique piece to style our home. We decided to use the resources and expertise from our family’s metal background and skills from our engineering and fashion design careers to create furniture. We have travelled far and wide with our careers whether it’s finding the best engineering solutions to create the most luxury product in the world or the most innovative clothing piece. We have been hugely influenced by different cultures as far as the Far East to Europe, Ireland and all over the Nordic regions.

Once we had started to create individual bespoke product for our home, we were encouraged by friends and family to persist further with our ideas. With this in mind, we thought we would open it up to a wider audience and share our designs and passion for quality and unique product that has been handmade by us in England. 

Combining hard metal with soft furnishings and stone has been an interesting journey and we believe we have found the perfect remedy for Struo between engineering and design to create individual products made in England.

At Struo studio we aim to bridge these values to contemporary design, reshaping, reinventing materials, techniques and forms. We respect nature that provides our raw materials and we believe in design that is made to last.

Struo Latin meaning 'to build'. We combine materials to design and create individual objects to enhance everyday living.

We look forward to showing you our exciting new lifestyle pieces for STRUO.